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  • Jidhafs Maternity Hospital:
    Main objective of JMH
    The aimed is to deliver a high quality of medical services to wide sector of Gynecology and obstetrics patients and to reduce the pressure of maternity services delivered by S.M.C. to be specialized center for high risk patients only.

    J.M.H. was opened in Oct 1980 with initial capacity of 34 maternity beds. In July 1984 the operation theater was opened and the first caesarean operation was done on 4/7/1984.

    In the year of 1989 - 1990, The following projects have been done in J.M.H :
    1. Construction of post-natal ward No.4 with a total of 23 beds.
    2. Construction of post-natal ward No.5 with a total of 25 beds.
    3. Construction of J.M.H. Laboratory, Pharmacy and Kitchen.
    4. Expansion of ward No.3 {Pediatric Ward}.
    At present the total bed capacity in J.M.H. is 80 for maternity patients and 20 for Special care baby unit.
  • Rural Maternity Hospital
    Main objective:
    Is to deliver a high quality of medical care to wide sector of obstetric and long stay patients in order to reduce the pressure on S.M.C maternity services and long stay wards in Muharraq.
    The Rural Hospitals were opened in 1956. The Rural Hospitals consists of 3 hospitals {Sitra, Riffa and Western Region Maternity Hospital}. The total beds in the Rural Hospitals are 30 Beds. Each Hospital has 10 beds. As a result of J.M.H. and B.D.F. Maternity Hospitals opening in 1980 the occupancy level the in the Rural Hospitals have been reduce. In 1994 Eight Beds from each hospital were utilized for long stay children and the remaining were utilized for maternity patients.
    Services Provided by Rural Hospitals:
    1. Providing post-natal services to all maternity patients.
    2. Providing Special are for all long stay children.
    Future Plans:
    1. Renovation of Rural hospitals building.
    2. Utilizing Riffa Maternity Hospital for maternity patients only and the other two hospitals will be used for long stay children.

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