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Bahrain IHR website is a network that brings together public health officials responsible for IHR implementation and key partners to coordinate public health activities at ports, airports and ground crossings including preparedness for and response to health emergencies affecting international travel and transport. It is competent authorities, intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, and industry representatives from ports, airports and ground crossings and individual experts who have expressed an interest in working together to share IHR information and to promote implementation of public health practices under the International Health Regulations.

IHR Bahnet is an internet-based network that brings together the National Focal Point, public health officials and other partners to coordinate public health activities in the community and at ports, airport and ground crossings including those related to public health emergency preparedness and response affecting international travel and transport.

Principles and values
Partnership is both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is to work cooperatively towards the common goal of implementing an international agreement. The opportunity is to learn and progress collectively towards better public health practices at points of entry.

Shared responsibility
Public health threats recognize no national borders. Control and response measures for public health threats call for collective and coordinated action among partners, industrial or economic sectors and governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Health security for all is a recognized public first-rate.

The network acts in a coordinated manner based on the comparative strengths of individual partners.

There is no time limitation for public health threats and they continue to cause mortality and morbidity to humans as well as animals and come with severe economic consequence with national and international significance. We share a commitment to effective and sustained action, and emphasize strengthening capacity at a national level.

-To protect the health of population in Bahrain
-To prevent, detect and control the international spread of diseases through international travel and transport.

  1. To strike technical expertise of partners and achieve synergy regarding public health activities at ports, airports, ground crossings and other areas related to international travel and transport.
  2. To promote harmonized technical guidance and instruments for public health capacity building.
  3. To improve specific capacities to meet the International Health Regulations (IHR 2005) requirements and facilitate IHR implementation.
  4. To coordinate, plan for and facilitate sharing of experience related to response to public health emergencies of international concern.
  5. To facilitate inter-sectorial collaboration to advance scientific knowledge in the field of public health and international travel and transport.

To promote and provide a mechanism for technical collaboration among partners and the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and information concerning the International Health Regulation in Bahrain, public health as well as international travel and transport.

IHR website serves as an information portal for IHR stakeholders in Bahrain. The public portion provides links to pertinent web sites and online access to published direction and tools. The forum provides a stage for members to work collaboratively, share experience, achieve synergy and promote common working practices.

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