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Mission, Vision & Strategy

  1. All citizens and Residents who avail the services of the government health institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain
  2. Healthcare Professionals (Doctors/Dentists/Nurses/Pharmacists/Allied Health).
  3. Expatriates
  4. Researchers
  5. Vendors
  6. Other Ministries or Government Organizations
  7. Private Organizations
  8. Abroad Audience
General Standards:

This section will define the general standards applicable to the ministry as a whole

  • We will strive to provide 100 % correct and accurate information through our service points, the various electronic channels to the citizens (MOH Portal, eGovernment Portal)
  • We will ensure 99% uptime for the electronic channels of delivery (MOH Portal, eGovernment Portal ), and 100% availability during working hours for the service
  • We will ensure 24 X 7 availability of all services in our portal, and from 07:00 a.m. to 02:15 p.m. (working hours) from Sunday to Thursday availability of all services in our service points.
  • We will ensure safe and secure handling of all personal/health information of our customers
  • We will respond to the customer complaints within agreed timeline
  • We will ensure 100% complaint redressal through our redressal mechanisms.
Service level definition: Grievance Redressal / Suggestion and feedback:

We the MoH seeks suggestion, complaints or grievances from the clients for any of the services / improvements of service offered by us through the websites. As a part of the same, we commit the following:

  1. We have provided a link in the Portal for accepting suggestions, complaints and grievances Click Here .
  2. All grievances, complaints and suggestions will be forwarded to our Public Relations Directorate and then forwarded within a period of 24 hours to the concerned sections of the ministry.
  3. All grievances, complaints and suggestions will receive an electronic acknowledgement within 24 hours of receipt of the same.
  4. The citizens should submit all the mandatory details provided in the electronic forms.
  5. The details of the complainant would be treated in confidentiality
  6. Each grievance would be considered for the merit of the case and will be provided a reply within three working days.
  7. Each grievance would be considered for the merit of the case and will be provided a reply within three working days.
  8. In case of dissatisfaction of the reply, the citizen may escalate the matter to the escalation mechanism provided in the reply.
  9. We accept suggestions, complaints and grievances at the following contacts also:
    Public and International Relations Directorate
    Fax No.:17286691
    Contact No.: 17286106

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