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Miss Faeqa bint Saeed ALSALEH

Dear all,

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of Ministry of health in the kingdom of Bahrain; our main aim is to offer you services and diverse activities. As you know the orientation of the utilization of advanced technologies that rely on the means of communication and transfer of information and data over the Internet is a backbone of the global communication today, hence the ministry completed part of its plan to gradually move in this direction in all transactions, as part of the official plan to merge with electronic government, which is working by the Government of the kingdom of Bahrain.

This is the site we consider as an open door which you can communicate with the Ministry, we will be glad to receive your constructive comments which lead to raise the level of health services. The main vision of Ministry of Health that everyone should be engaged and participated to raise the level of health with high quality and be responsive to the needs of the people and individuals and our mission is based on ensuring the provision of preventive, curative and rehabilitative services which promotes self-responsibility for health.

And do not forget that the community of Bahrain is witnessing a rapid improvement in health sector and as a result the average life expectancy at birth for men to 73.1 and women to 77.3 by the end of 2007 as we hope to continue what has been achieved, also continue with efforts to achieve the required strategies and policy coordination health in a manner that supports raising the level of health of the individual and society, and to achieve the desired efficiency, so as to achieve the provision of advanced health care to the community, according to the prestigious higher levels.

Here I would like to emphasize that the work on the development of health care institutions is essential for achieving sustainable development in our societies and to face what world witnesses such outbreaks of a disease and the formation of epidemics in addition to achieving the areas of health interest and medical modern technologies that represent promising tools to constantly improve the quality of life in the community.

We wish Kingdom of Bahrain to be the forefront among the countries of the world, in terms of levels of health care, and this requires the ability to meet the challenges with determination and start to maintain a strong healthy base besides to take the latest in the world of media and techniques for prevention and treatment, and put the homeland and the citizen's health at the top of all priorities, and reflects a deep understanding of the strong tie between the individual and society on the part of the health and quality of life.

The Ministry of Health is keen to use the best of modern technologies; to continue this positive development, because of its active role in linking all the individuals involved in the delivery of health care services, and give them the opportunity for health policies and regulations of the ministry through the site.

The contents of the site been collected and prepared by a group of employees from different departments in the Ministry of Health, and they are always connected with the members of the Monitoring Committee.

I hope that the website would assist you to find out the information that interest you and fulfill your ambitions, demands and expectations.

Faeqa bint Saeed ALSALEH
Minister of Health

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