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SMC has received one digital mobile X-ray unit Thursday, 31/03/2011

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SMC has received the first digital mobile X-Ray unit manufactured by Shimadzu (Mobile DaRt Evolution) commissioned by Directorate of Medical Equipment in co-ordination with Gulf Pharmacy on 28th March 2011. This unit has many advantages over the conventional mobile x-ray unit. The main advantage is reduced time for doctors to view the patient's image. The Mobile DaRt Evolution displays images in just 3 seconds. Especially useful in emergency rooms where it allows information needed for the next procedure to be obtained quickly, substantially reducing overall time.
The advantage for radiographer is that they will make sure they have done the proper x-ray before they return to department and no need for double exposure on cassette because this unit is using flat-panel detector with image preview monitor and not cassette or computed radiography (CR) plate. On other hand they do not need to take several cassettes if they are planning to do several patients in wards. In fact this unit not just producing better or the best image quality but also make the life easy for radiology staff as well as for physician who can view the image after very short time and those images can be sent to hospital Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PCAS). SMC has around 14 conventional mobile X-Ray units and there is plan to replace them with 5 more digital mobile x-ray units in near future.

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