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تفاصيل السؤال

تم إدراج هذا السؤال باللغة الانجلينزية، الرجاء تحويل لغة الموقع لعرض السؤال بالشكل المطلوب.

I come 4 time for i want take appointment for my medicine all the tell ok u see it in app


05/10/2020 02:39:37 م

But now i dont no what i do my medicine finish i I don't know i have medicine in pharmacy or not can u check for me i cant sleep and i thinking to much



بواسطة: Dr. Zahra Hejab

05/10/2020 05:31:16 م

Thank you for joining us

You can call Tele consultation service and book an appointment on 80007000 for renewal of your medication

With wishes for health and wellness

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