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MOH Senior Officials

H.E. Dr. Jaleela bint AlSayed Jawad Hasan H.E. Dr. Jaleela bint AlSayed Jawad Hasan
Minister of Health
Tel: +973 17811150
Fax : +973 17811130
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Mariam Ali Almanaseer Mariam Ali Almanaseer
Director of Communication Directorate
Communication Directorate
Tel: +973 17286066 - +973 17286091 - +973 17286090
Fax : +973 17286691
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Mahmood  Sharif Alawadhi Mahmood Sharif Alawadhi
Consultant of Councils affairs
Minister's Office
Tel: +973 17286003 / +973 17286001
Fax : +973 17811130
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Kamal Jamal Kamal Kamal Jamal Kamal
Chief of the Legal Affairs Section
Legal Affairs Section
Tel: +973 17286220 - +973 17286221
Fax : +973 17286625
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Dr. Ghaleb AbdulHussain Al Aali Dr. Ghaleb AbdulHussain Al Aali
Chief of Internal Audit
Internal Audit
Tel: +973 17286290
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Dr. Waleed Khalifa Al Manea Dr. Waleed Khalifa Al Manea
Tel: +973 17729082 - +973 17729149
Fax : +973 17729084
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Entesar Naser Alromaithi Entesar Naser Alromaithi
Acting Director of Human Resources and Financial
Human Resources and Financial Directorate
Tel: +973 17286541 - +973 17286644
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 Dr. Aysha Ahmed Husian Dr. Aysha Ahmed Husian
Chief of Medical Commissions
Medical Commissions
Tel: +973 17288200
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Dr. Muneera Ahmed Alsobaiei Dr. Muneera Ahmed Alsobaiei
Acting Chief Office of Training
Acting Training Affairs
Tel: +973 17286226
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Dr. Eman Hasan Janahi Dr. Eman Hasan Janahi
Chief of Medical Review Office
Medical Review Office
Tel: +973 17286159 - +973 17286052
Fax : +973 17286651
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Dr. Ejlal Faisal Alalawi Dr. Ejlal Faisal Alalawi
Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health
Tel: +973 17286070
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Dr. Wafa Ebrahim Alsharbati Dr. Wafa Ebrahim Alsharbati
Director of Health Promotion
Health Promotion Directorate
Tel: +973 17282303 - +973 17282221
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Dr. Najat Mohamed Abulfateh Dr. Najat Mohamed Abulfateh
Public Health Director
Public Health Directorate
Tel: +973 17282244 - +973 17250313
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Directorate/Section Functions:

Public Health is defined as “the science and art of promoting health, preventing disease and prolonging life through the organized efforts of society”. Any Public Health agency is responsible for fulfilling three core functions:

  1. Assessing community health status and needs
  2. Developing Public Health policy
  3. Assuring implementation of public health policy

Strategic Goals of Public Health:

Public Health Directorate should act as the central body for the Ministry of Health for establishing and monitoring of health standards and policies through achieving the following strategic goals:

  1. Prevents epidemics and the spread of disease
  2. Promotes and encourages healthy lifestyle behaviors
  3. Prevents injuries
  4. Protects against occupational and environmental hazards
  5. Responds to disasters and emergency
  6. Maintain accurate registries and efficient information
Dr. Eman Ahmed Haji Dr. Eman Ahmed Haji
Acting assistant undersecretary for psychiatry and special care for the elderly
Tel: +973 17283305 - +973 17283309
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