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Dear patient, please note that selecting the preferred date and time does not necessarily mean that your appointment is booked; we will call you to confirm the appointment if it is available.
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  • Private practice

      GHPP is part of the government hospital system (Salmaniya Medical Complex) that contains many specialized clinics, and its services are provided through Al-Fateh Building in Salmaniya Medical Complex currently, with the provision of wards dedicated to admission for different cases of operations.

      Today, private practice put all the capabilities of Salmaniya Medical Complex of distinguished staff, advanced technology, and high-end medical care in the hands of everyone, Bahrainis, non-Bahrainis, and expatriates, all easily and at a competitive financial cost.

      Private practice provides most medical specialties in the Kingdom without a long waiting period for the appointment and are equipped with the latest advanced medical devices, and there is a team of specialized doctors, consultants, and a distinguished nursing staff, all of whom have the highest level of scientific and practical experience.

      Private practice is always keen to set competitive and realistic treatment costs based on the nature of medical treatment, while ensuring the provision of high-end medical service, our fees for visits and procedures are fixed with superior and advanced medical care. We will always be at your service, wherever you are.

  • Health Insurance
      Since there is a future for health insurance in the Kingdom, private practice will select several reputable and high-end health insurance companies on your behalf to cover treatment expenses when needed. In addition, in cooperation with insurance companies with excellent reputation, we have a refund service according to the patient's request.
  • Support Services
      Salmaniya Medical Complex contains advanced medical equipment, laboratory services and support services that meet the international standards required to provide its services or give you an appointment when you visit the private medicine unit, and these services include (laboratory, pharmacy, radiology).
  • Contact & Appointments

      While patients who visit private practice without an appointment are welcome if the required specialty is available on that day, it is best to get an appointment from your doctor by booking an appointment on our website or calling the phone as well as contacting through the electronic assistant platform and via WhatsApp and the link below. Patients who do not have a medical record in the hospital are kindly requested to arrive 10 minutes before the appointment to complete some of the necessary procedures.

      Select the service My Assistance platform for private practice on WhatsApp.
      Click here

      Dear Patient, if you are unable to attend your appointment or if you wish to change the day of your visit, we would appreciate you to contact us 24 hours before the appointment so that another patient can benefit from the review time.

      Our Appointment is open Sunday through Thursday 7:00 AM to 2:15 PM
      Clinics working time from Sunday through Thursday 2:30 PM to8 :30 PM

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