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Health Centers and Hospitals Appointments

About the eService

This eHealth service comes as part of the scope of the National Health Information Program (I-SEHA), which is provided by the Ministry of Health for the Citizens and Residents. It offers the opportunity to book medical appointments electronically for the General Practice Clinics in the Health centers. In addition this service will allow its users to reschedule or cancel the upcoming appointments. The user will be able to view the pending and the past medical appointments in all Ministry Health Institutions.

This eService is available through SEHATI App.

To ensure the quality and efficiency of the services in the health center, the user should follow the below:

  • Choose your Doctor Program: for patients registered in health centers where choose your Doctor program was implemented. Please make sure to select your registered family Doctor. In case of choosing another Doctor the health center preserve the right to change your appointment.
  • Booking & Rescheduling features include follow-up appointments in General Practice Clinics and do not include medical fitness examination (domestic worker, pre-employment, universities), Child Screening, School Examination, etc.
  • User will be able to access one week of the upcoming appointments.
  • User can book only one appointment per specialty.
  • Reschedule option is available 2 hours prior to appointment time.
  • Attending the clinic 20 minutes prior to appointment time, and heading to the medical records section to present the required documents in order to continue with the procedures. In case the patient did not attend on time, the health center will assign this appointment to another patient. And scheduling alternative appointment might be in different session or date.
  • In case patient was late to attend; the patient has the right to reschedule alternative appointment but not necessarily in the same date and time.
  • In case of missing three appointments, the user will be suspended from booking online appointments for one month.
  • If the patient misses two appointments booked through this service, they will be suspended from booking online appointments for one month. During this time, the patient can visit the health center physically to book another appointment.

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How to use the Service

  1. Click on “Launch Service”.
  2. Enter “Patient Information”
  3. You will be assigned to your Health Center
  4. Follow the instructions and enter the required information.

To start the service Click on   click here

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