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Elderly Care

Mobile units were provided to the elderly in health centers, which provide nursing services and elderly care in their home, especially for those unable to reach the health center.This service was transferred from the Ministry of Social Development to the Ministry of Health in 2008.

The mobile unit for the elderly consists of a specialized team consisting of a nurse, a home visit technician and a health driver, where the unit starts from the health centers and the team makes home visits to the elderly to provide them with the necessary health care, nursing and family counselling services, as well as personal care and provision appropriate needs of the elderly.

The mobile unit for the elderly consists of two teams, one for men and the other for women.The team comprises four staff members(one qualified nurse, two home visits technicians and a health driver).The team uses a bus for home visits, and the units have been distributed to five mobile units to cover work in all health regions in the kingdom of Bahrain, where each unit has eight employees and two buses.A nursing supervisor directly supervises the work of the units, and report to a senior Services Coordinator for primary health care.

These units originate from the health centers to carry out home visits from 8 1 a rate of six days per week and provide psychosocial health services to elderly persons aged 60 and over who are unable to attend health centers to receive health services.It include the following:

  1. Blood pressure measurement.
  2. Blood glucose measurement.
  3. Withdrawal of laboratory blood samples.
  4. Give different injections.
  5. Dressing of ulcer and wounds of all kinds.
  6. Change the urinary catheter tube and take care of it.
  7. Change the feeding tube and take care of it.
  8. Personal hygiene.
  9. Advising the elderly and the care giver in different health issues
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