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Pre-Marital Checkup

  1. The couple should attend the Health Center. If they don't belong to the same Health Center they can select the most convenient health center to attend.

  2. The couple will be asked to sign a special request form (consent) available with Mother and Child Health Care (MCH) section. 

  3. The MCH section will:
    • Give an appointment for 30 minutes with the nurse.
    • Give an appointment for 30 minutes with the doctor.
    • Give a follow up appointment later for 20 minutes with the doctor to discuss the lab results. If the couple wishes to discuss results separately they should be given an appointment for 5 minutes each.

  4. The first visit The MCH nurse:
    • Will take the history, measure the blood pressure, weight, and height.
    • Prepare blood request forms.
    The Doctor will:
    • Review the history.
    • Conduct physical examination.
    • Direct couple to take a follow up appointment from the MCH section.

  5. Second Visit: The doctor will discuss results with the couple. If the results are:
    • Normal, he will advise and answer their enquiries.
    • Abnormal (genetic disorders), they will be referred to the genetic department for second advise.
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